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The Cry of the Teacher's Soul

"To all the Christian teachers I have known—those whom I have worked alongside, and those whom I have mentored—I am in awe of what you do every day. I have heard your cries, and this book is born from my love for you."


Laurie R. Matthias


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“Matthias has written a thoughtful, reflective, and instructive guide for Christian teachers. While this book has wide-ranging application for educators and Christians in other fields of service, the carefully-designed chapters in this volume provide wise counsel particularly and especially for those struggling with the very real tensions, antinomies, and challenges of carrying out one’s calling in the classroom each and every day, semester after semester.”


President, Trinity International University


“I get tired of reading that this book or that book is a ‘must-read,’ but Matthias has definitely written a ‘must-read’ for teachers. It is theologically rich, readily accessible, and eminently practical. It has encouraged this teacher’s soul. I intend to give it to as many teacher friends as I can.”


Adjunct Professor, Moody Bible Institute and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

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